Eric M Renard

Eric M. Renard is a Los Angeles based Photographer. Born in New York, he attended school in the Bronx. Eric spent his summers in Maine, where he was first exposed to photography and dark rooms. Eric’s passion for photography was reignited at Tufts University in Boston, where he studied under Sigfried Halus.

After graduating, Eric moved to San Francisco, working part time as an architectural photographer before moving to Los Angeles. Eric’s unique exposure to both urban and rural living can be seen throughout his work, as he is equally at home in both settings. Whether working in black and white or vibrant colors, his urban cityscapes and rural landscapes often reflect an eerie sense of peace and quiet, rarely portraying more than one or two people.

Eric’s photography has been exhibited physically in Los Angeles and Minnesota and viewed digitally around the world, receiving numerous awards.

Selected Exhibitions

2020 February San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center
2019 October Culver City Art Walk, Culver City, CA
2019 July Chocolate & Art Show, Downtown Los Angeles, CA
2019 May House of Lucie (Solo Exhibition), Downtown Los Angeles, CA
2018 August Duncan Miller Gallery, Santa Monica
2018 August Praxis Gallery, Minn.
2018 June Praxis Gallery, Minn.
2018 March Praxis Gallery, Minn.
2015 Seyhoon Gallery (Solo Exhibition), West Hollywood, CA
2015 Brent Shapiro Foundation, Beverly Hills, CA
2015 Vista, San Francisco, CA

Publications and Awards

2020 Your Daily Photograph – Morning Chains 2/20
2020 Your Daily Photograph – Napa Windmill 2/20
2019 International Photography Awards – Honorable Mention – Alone in Seattle
2019 International Photography Awards – Honorable Mention – Who’s There
2019 Your Daily Photograph – Umbrellas 10/19
2019 Voyage LA Magazine Article – October
2019 Your Daily Photograph – Miami Blues 4/19
2019 Black Box Gallery – Miss Piggy’s Final Flight
2018 International Photography Awards – 3rd Place – Brooklyn Bridge 10/1/18
2018 International Photography Awards – Honorable Mention – Chrysler Building 10/1/18
2018 International Photography Awards – Honorable Mention – Coral Dunes 10/1/18
2018 Your Daily Photograph – Brooklyn Bridge 7/13/18
2018 Your Daily Photograph – Curved Bank Yosemite 3/26/18
2018 Your Daily Photograph – Chrysler Building 1/4/18
2017 Monochrome Awards – Honorable Mention in Abstract – Spiraling Down
2017 Monochrome Awards – Honorable Mention in Nature –  Dew Covered Lily
2017 Monochrome Awards – Honorable Mention in Fine Art –  The Window
2017 Your Daily Photograph – Stacked Dishes 11/2/17
2017 Your Daily Photograph – Moonrise in Zion 2/1/17
2016 Your Daily Photograph  – Starry Night Monument Valley 12/21/16
2016 Your Daily Photograph  – Lone Sign 12/5/16
2016 Your Daily Photograph  – Flight 55 Bel Air 9/22/16

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