Eric M Renard

Born and raised in New York, just outside the city. I went to Tufts University for undergrad and took post graduate classes at Otis & Art Center Pasadena.
I live and work in Los Angeles and take pictures wherever and whenever I can.

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Seyhoon Gallery, West Hollywood, CA

Shared Exhibitions

2015 Brent Shapiro Foundation, Beverly Hills, CA
2015 Vista, San Francisco, CA
2018 Praxis Gallery, Minn.

Publications and Reviews

2016 Your Daily Photograph  – Flight 55 Bel Air 9/22/16
2016 Your Daily Photograph  – Lone Sign 12/5/16
2016 Your Daily Photograph  – Starry Night Monument Valley 12/21/16
2017 Your Daily Photograph – Moonrise in Zion 2/1/17
2017 Your Daily Photograph – Stacked Dishes 11/2/17
2018 Your Daily Photograph – Chrysler Building 1/4/18
2018 Your Daily Photograph – Trees On Sandy Bank 3/2/18

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