The Space Between Exhibit

My photographic journey began almost 50 years ago documenting what I saw, my friends, my family and my neighborhood, but I didn’t embrace photography as a creative art form until much later. For years I traveled with camera in hand, still documenting my surroundings, the people, the light and the shadows.

My images consist of meanings and memories. They tell a story of things I have done and places I have visited. Among those places are our cities, which fascinate me with their tall buildings, deep shadows, reflecting light and their people going about their daily business. Building facades emerge from the darkness, their architectural details linger in the afternoon light and then disappear. I find myself guided by the visuals which present themselves — a shaft of light screaming for attention, a deep shadow striving to conceal the details that are enshrouded within it, or a lone silhouette giving life to the space between light and shadows.

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