Abandoned Spaces and Urban Places Exhibit

In this series of photos, I explore the stories hidden in overlooked and abandoned spaces and contrast them with those we find in the everyday scenes of urban places.
For Abandoned Spaces, I trek through time, light, shadow and sometimes rubble to capture unique images of once memorable places now forgotten. Whether at a former Sears distribution center, the burned remains of a Beverly Hills mansion, the northern terminus of the Canadian National Rail line or the tumbleweeds off Route 66, I examine these remote and weathered locations.  On occasion, we get a glimpse of better times for these places and things that the main roads have now deserted.   

For Urban Places, I explore light, shadow and the very texture of our cities. There are buildings and sights, which we rush past daily without grabbing our attention any more than the locations on the road less travelled. Visiting familiar as well as iconic places, I portray them in new and unexpected ways.

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